Cappadocia is a place of wonder, the most peaceful land on Earth. Each day is warm and calm and the sky always a brilliant blue.
Everything needed to live well is here a forest, fresh water, food and safe homes for animals and people.
Cappadocia is an enchanting land a place like no other on Earth.
With its wonderful forests and amazing villages, it is also a place of great beauty and mystery reaching back in time.
It is named in honour of the prized horses that have lived here for centu¬ries, The Land of Beautiful Horses.

Kitap Adı : Cappadoccia
Yazar Adı : Val Allan
Ürün Barkod : 9786051281674
Baskı Tarihi : 2012-3
Sayfa : 72
Ebat : 215-305
Hamur : 2.Hamur
Kategori : Çocuk – Genç
Kitap Fiyatı : 9.26