Sino word, is derived from Latin Sinae or Sinim “the Chinese.” Sinology is usually known as Chinese Studies. Sinology is a Science. Sinology is the study of the history, economics, politics, philosophy, language, literature and culture of China and literally means; “the study of China and Chinese topics.” Sinology may also refer more strictly to the study of classical language and literature with a philological approach, perhaps in an American academic context. In the context of area studies, the European and the American usages differ. In Europe, Sinology is usually known as Chinese Studies, whereas in the United States, Sinology is a subfield of Chinese Studies.

Kitap Adı : Sinology
Yazar Adı : İdil Nilay Demir
Ürün Barkod : 9786051287669
Baskı Tarihi : 2017-3
Sayfa : 136
Ebat : 135-195
Hamur : 2.Hamur
Kategori : Edebiyat
Kitap Fiyatı : 13.89