“Dating back to early 1980s, and explicitly since the early 1990s, the US Governments have strongly supported Turkish full membership to the European Union. Observed in political arenas, this support merits further examination and analysis. Even though Turkish-American relations were sometimes undermined, as in 2003 Iraq War Crisis, strong support for Turkish EU accession has remained unwavering.”

Kitap Adı : The United States Effect on Turkey’s EU Membership Process: Reasons for “Strong” Support Until 2011
Yazar Adı : Gökhan Murat Üstündağ
Ürün Barkod : 9786053063605
Baskı Tarihi : 2018-5
Sayfa : 109
Ebat : 148-210
Hamur : 2.Hamur
Kategori : Siyaset
Kitap Fiyatı : 18.52